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A picture of Zebstrika

Zebstrika is a character briefly seen in the Glaceon, Hero of Unova arc, controlled by Nidoqueen. Although she was not seem much, she played an important role.



Not much is known about Zebstrika other than she had originated from Unova. However, when she was first discovered among the shores of Hoenn, she had explained that she was attacked by mooks of unknown origin and left to die there. After the Masked Magician explained to her what was happening, she swore revenge against the mooks. Determined to save her homeland, she allied with Shy Glaceon and her party and took up one of two symbols of The Thunder, with the other being Jace. She fought with the group until the very end, until a Gardevoir sent the party to the future and preventing Glaceon's group from saving Unova. Refusing to abandon her homeland, Zebstrika stayed behind and was presumably killed in the world implosion.


She did not survive to witness the Pokemon world post-implosion.


Zebstrika was a steadfast, no-nonsense Pokemon with a tendency to act fast. She would often shame herself for taking breaks on the job and assume anything of the sort is slacking off. She also has a strong connection to her homeland and will do whatever it takes to protect it. Unfortunately, it was this very desire that had ended her life abruplty.


It is unknown who she was friends with during her lifespan, although she did seem to take a liking to Jace and Shy Glaceon.

Created by[]

She is controlled by Nidoqueen, who also controls Dubs, Rhydon, Girafarig and Meganium.


  • Zebstrika is the only Pokemon character not to survive the world implosion
    • She is also the second character in the RP group to be killed off, after Blossom.
    • Zangoose was technically killed, however, she reincarnated as a Gengar
  • Zebstrika is the shortest-lived character controlled by Nidoqueen
  • It is rumored that Zebstrika may return to the RP as a ghost