The hospital ruins are a building located near Treasure Town. As its name states, it is a hospital in ruins.


Shortly after the world implosion, a hospital was built to tend to sick Pokemon in need. This hospital was rather popular, with 50 Pokemon going in and out per day. However, this was only because it was in such close proximity of most Pokemon. It was notorious for having poor quality service with an insane Gardevoir mainly in charge of taking care of most of the patients, and treatment being ridiculously overpriced. Very few Pokemon paid these fees without argument.

This hospital was very popular for treating a strange illness that ravaged Treasure Town. Many Pokemon were sent to the ICU branch to be tended to, with barely any progress made until the General cured them with his special tea.

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Cause of DestructionEdit

One day, a Rhydon was sent to the ER after being knocked out by a Leech Seed that had grown to the size of a small tree. When NG removed the tree from his head and brought him back to conciousness, she gave him the absurdly high bill of 8,000 Poke. Outraged, Rhydon used an overly powerful Earthquake inside the hospital, causing it to shake and collapse from the attack. Just as the building came down, NG planted the Leech Seed back on Rhydon's head, knocking him out. No Pokemon was badly hurt other than Rhydon, who had it coming. Everyone was then evacuated and now The Guild has taken over for medical care for Treasure Town.

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