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|ST| is the pragmatic newbie of the IRC, and has recently became an actual Pokemon. As of September 3rd, 2013 he was revealed to be a disfigured Marowak who had his nose broken off by a rogue Tornadus.

The Drunken Flygon[]

The Drunken Flygon, a Flygon with a dual-personality is the first character under the IRC handle |ST|.

Metal Cross[]

A Metagross by the name of Metal Cross, powered by alcohol and silicon, is a robot running Metagross v. 2.0, enabling him to talk like normal, unlike before when he talked like a robot. He currently resides in the deep forest with Frostlass.

Frost Lass[]

A very fleeting and free-spirited Froslass who fell in love with Metal Cross on accident. She is often mistaken for a Froslass who haunts the surrounding deep forest.

The Blind Bayleef[]

A new character, Bayleaf is blind and eager to fulfill his family's time-honored tradition of being famous explorers of the mystery dungeons. Unfortunately, since he is blind the task is more difficult. He dreams of the day he would evolve into a Meganium, secretly hoping that his blindness would be cured.


ST is the Marowak dressed like the Invisible Man, trying to hide his disfigurement from the world. He was disfigured by a rogue Tornadus, who he recently stopped from destroying Treasure Town.