Team Dai Zai is one of the top Rescue Teams operating out of Grímhjart, having reached Platinum Rank through their service. They are also among the highest members of the slave ring, using their high position in the Guild to deflect suspicion and skew the process of investigation.


The team was unofficially founded between its three members in their childhood, eventually becoming an official team within the Guild. While their rapport shined through their impressive record, influences conspired to draw them into the ring's activity.


Older brother of Herminia and cousin of Zasshurui. Generally jovial, he makes friendly company for acquaintances and strangers alike, and makes it very clear that anyone who gets in his way will face consequences. Even for an Emboar, Tai is particularly rotund.


Cousin of Taishobuta and Herminia, and between them in terms of age. When he did not turn out to have inherited the same connection with Aura that his mother and father had, he turned to more intellectual pursuits. And to being something of a total prig. The Lucario's scrawniness is only accentuated by the fact that his clothing seems to be about two sizes too large, for reasons unknown.


With no relation to her teammates, their friendship started out of no more than having an age close to that of Zash's - younger by a scant few days. On the surface, she's as friendly as Tai, but she's a lot less vague about what side of her you're on. Being a Liepard, she's going to rub against your leg either way.

Miscellaneous HorseshitEdit

  • Taishobuta is lax and loves to eat.
  • Zasshurui is quirky and alert to sounds.
  • Ichitaru is naughty and somewhat vain.
  • Each of their names is a portmanteau of two Japanese words:
    • Taishobuta, of taishoku-ka (大食家), glutton, and buta (ぶた), pig.
    • Zasshurui, of zasshu (ざっしゅ), mutt, and zurui (ずるい), conniving.
    • Ichitaru, of ijiwaru (いじわる), spiteful, and chīta (チータ), cheetah.
  • Their team name is derived from the first character of each of their names - Dai Zai (大ざい) translates to "Grand Fortune".
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