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Not pictured: A bottle of bourbon and dollar signs in Spinda's eyes.

Spinda is the ditzy, lazy manager of the local café. He is controlled by Nidoqueen.



Spinda did not appear prior to the world implosion.


He is the manager of Spinda's Cafe. However, he is notorious for being a clumsy and lazy manager who seldom does his job. He does go to work, but only to drink 40's and watch Spanish soap operas on his 18 inch TV.


As stated above, he is very lazy, seldom ever doing his job. He also seems to be somewhat of a drinker, as he has multiple bottles of various liquors scattered around his office at work, both empty and filled. Despite this, he still manages to have a positive attitude with everyone at work and praises everyone equally. You know what they say, the customer is always right!


He is on good terms with all of his employees, most notably considering Hitmonlee his right hand mon and even co-manager. Other than that, he hates no one apart from a rude Marowak that assaulted him for no reason.

Created byEdit

Spinda is a canon character from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon universe. However, when his role was required for a plot point, Nidoqueen took control of him.

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