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Artists's rendering of Sparky

Sparky is a timid but friendly Ampharos character controlled by Nidoqueen



Sparky was only seen once prior to the world implosion, where he visited Nidoqueen, Glace, and Ninetales during a picnic they had.


After getting abandoned during an expedition with the remnants of his rescue team, Sparky settled in Treasure Town, where he lived in a small box in an alley. For a seemingly long period of time, he lived in the box undetected until a Shy Glaceon and a Tyranitar discovered him getting trapped in his box while sleeping. His box was then filled with money by Freiheit so he could attempt to turn his life around. After going to look for Snivy with Glace, he kept the box with Freiheit for safe keeping.


Sparky is extremely timid and socially awkward. Like Glace, he has a tendency to stutter, although he only does so when he's stressed or nervous. He also goes out of his way to protect those he cares for from harm, as he's lost everything before joining the RP and does his best to prevent history from repeating itself. 


Nature: Timid

Ability: Static (confirmed when Glace became paralyzed after poking his belly)


  • Thunder
  • ????????
  • ????????
  • ????????


As Sparky is a recent member of the Treasure Town community, he doesn't have many friends. The only ones he has so far are Nidoqueen, Freiheit, and Glace. He has a crush on Glace and tries to hide it, but fails and ultimately spills his spaghetti everywhere.


  • Sparky is the only character roleplayed by Nidoqueen that has a name.
    • This does not include Nidoqueen's nickname, Nido.
    • Jeffrey is technically part of Girafarig, who lacks a name for herself.
      • Girafarig has recently been given the name Twig by Meowstic, therefore making her and Sparky the only two characters controlled by Nidoqueen to have names. However, Sparky remains the only character to have one from his introduction.