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Shilk's normal entrance pic

Shilk, one of the first members of the thread, was a regular pre-time skip. He disappeared some time later, along with Nightshade, and hasn't been seen since. However none have come close to his brilliance, resourcefulness, or charm since then.

Early On[]

Shilk first came as a traveler, having been separated from his companion, and became quick friends with Zangoose and Zoroark. During this time he was shown charming many of the ladies of the thread, being a total bro, and on one occassion proved to be the best Control Tower operator in the thread.

When Samurott appeared he quickly took in Shilk as his apprentice, who began teaching him the way of Bushido before the sandshrew disappeared. During this time he took the honor-bound ways very seriously, even to the point of barking back at his teacher at times. He also took this time to show his kinder side, especially when NG's mood swings started to act up.

Though while planning an expedition with SaffronJason, and Wishcash he vanished, never to be seen again.


During her search for Dubs, Nidoqueen finds Shilk rolling along in the forest clearing. He agrees to help her, alongside Summit, Ninetails, and Jason, and end up fighting a Vespiqueen in order to rescue the poor Teddiursa. When he first appeared it shows him being more aloof and flashy... at first. However, it didn't take long for him to return to his old habits. 

Alternate Universe[]

As proven with his interactions with Jason Greene, Shilk seems to have memories from outside the thread's timeline; branching into events at Cafe du Watchog and the shortstories written for him on deviantART. The extend of his multiversal awareness are unknown, as he doesn't tend to think much of it.

Great Accomplishments[]

While Shilk's ego knows-no-bounds, some of the things he claims to have done can get rather silly. These "Great Accomplishments" include, but aren't limited to:

  • Punching out Kyogre in the rain.
  • Exploring the Distortion World.
  • Discovering the ! and ? Unown outside the Ruins of Alph.
  • Trapping Kyurem in a hole.
    • This actually did happen in one of the original stories for him, though it wasn't on his own as he claims.
  • Scaling Sky Tower on his own.
  • Going camping on Mirage Island.
  • Riding Raikou throughout Johto.
  • Purifying Shadow Lugia with pure charm.
  • Wrestling one of the Regi golems into submission
    • It is unknown which golem in particular this was
  • ...And many other ridiculous claims.

Unofficial Theme[]

When RPing as him Shilk (the dude behind the computer, not the magnificant sandshrew) often listens to the PokemonRemixStudio... erm, remix of Sootopolis City.


Pokemon R S E Remix Sootopolis City