We Are Pokemon: Wiki Edition Wiki

The dude playing the dude disguised as another dude. Doesn't RP too often because he's an addict (not literally) and doesn't feel too inspired most of the time. Controls a few recurrent characters.

Original Dragon[]

The first character OD played when he joined the RP, OD was mostly an incredibly powerful and incredibly useless character that spent most of his time sitting on his ass, getting drunk, and baking with Genesecto. Apparently split into the Tao Trio again some time after Mew's house kafuckingboomed. Was supposed to become whole again during the hero of Unova quest, but then the universe kafuckingboomed too. Currently MIA.

Priest Chandelure[]

OD's main character and resident crusader, Chandy is known for going DEUS VULT on everyone and everything, and being delightfully racist towards both Dark types and Grass types (more like grASS types amirite LANGUAGE SINNER). Also an excellent spy and investigator extrordinarie. Known moves are Flame Charge, Shadow Ball and Fire Blast. Currently trying to rebuild the holy order after being blasted so hard that he was thrown into another universe (RIP in rip Brother Jeremiah, we miss ya ;_;7)

Masked Magician[]

A mysterious Relicanth known for his extensive arcane knowledge and irresistible charm, MM is a man and a half (fish and a half?) that valiantly faces the greatest challenges alcohol can present. (note to self: be creative and stop making drunk characters). Currently MIA