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Artist's rendering of Nidoqueen

Nidoqueen, commonly referred to as Nido by other RP members both in and out of character, is a member of the We Are Pokemon RP Group



Nidoqueen lived in a Hidden Grotto among various other Flora in a forest of unknown origin. For a period of time, she lived alone in said grotto until Zangoose brought her an egg, which would contain her shiny Teddiursa child that would be given the name Dubs. A while later, she was also set to be engaged to Swampert, who she addressed as "Swampy". However, Swampert disappeared without a trace, leaving Nidoqueen alone with herself and Dubs. Their marital status is unknown.

Some time later, she bumped into a rather Shy Glaceon. She took her under her wing and the two have lived toegther through the remainder of the Pre-Unova plot


Like many of the other Pokemon, she had forgotten about most of her past life before the implosion of the old world and wandered into Treasure Town out of curiousity. When there, she took refuge in a cave within a forest of an unknown name, similar to her previous life. She still has Dubs as her child, and brought Glaceon back to her cave after discovering her among a group of Pokemon staying at a hotel near her job at the Cafe. As of recently, she leaves Dubs at a Daycare with an unknown name, under the care of Summit the Skiddo.


Fitting with her motherly appearance, she is very kind and modest. She does her best to be a good example for Dubs and others close to her, with examples such as refraining from alcohol and avoiding fights whenever possible. She also has somewhat of an adventerous side, joining Swampert and Toxicroak (and later Zangoose) on a mission to rescue Swampert's brother from a scientist and exploring some forests near her home. She can also be rather clumsy at times, especially when under pressure.


Nature: Modest

Ability: Sheer Force


  • Earth Power
  • Toxic Spikes
  • ????????
  • ????????


She likes to be friendly with everyone, even with those who get on her nerves or attack her, with examples being Rhydon and a Nidoking bypasser. She is best friends with Zangoose and Summit the Skiddo, and was formerly engaged to Swampert. She also seems to like Princess Lilligant, Venusaur, General Typhlosion and Jace Jolteon, along with many others. She is also Glace's adoptive mother, along with Dubs.

Created by[]

She is controlled by Nidoqueen, who also controls Dubs, Rhydon, Girafarig, Zebstrika, Meganium and Sparky.


  • She is the longest lived of Nidoqueen's characters, obviously