Roast psydick

The cream of the typo crop


List of TyposEdit

  • Psydicks (typed Roast Psydick instead of Roast Psyduck)
  • Maybe Nido can hump into Jace (intended to be "maybe Nido can bump into Jace)
  • Nudist (Damn autocorrect changed Nido into Nudist)
  • Hoing (meant to be "Sparky was walking around and didn't know where he was going", you know where this is hoing)
  • Ass it to your little shipping wall (intended to be "add it to your little shipping wall"
  • Nidoqueen looked in and went to kill Summit but ended up humping noses with him. (Meant to be "Nidoqueen looked in and went to kiss Summit but ended up bumping noses with him)
    • No one is ever going to let me live this down
    • God dammit I typo'd the correction too
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