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[[File:12.jpg|thumb|No one knows why she is so fascinated with large, automatic weapons, but she certainly knows how to use them. ]]
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Naive Gardevoir, or NG as she prefers to go by, is a gardevoir that has been around the RP for some time. She is responcible for numerous bad things that impact the whole of reality, and is possibly the most schizo and [[Mewtwo|second most rediculous being to ever live]] .
==Synopsis and Personality==
NG is far from typical for what a gardevoir should be. While certainly highly emotional, innately karing and loyal, and a very kapable psychic, the emotional scars from her khild hood have kaused  her to develope what kould be kalled a form of schizophrenia. Her moods and antics vary wildly, from innocent sweetness, to rowdy joking around, to lustful teasing, to a desire to obliterate anything and anyone she sees. In no particular order, either.  She does show signs of above-average intelligence, as evidenced by her ability to live on her own in the wilds without any prior training or experience and the kleaver and
[[File:Gardevoir Goes To The Convenience Store (English Subtitles)|thumb|right|335px|A fairly non-average night for NG as everything is rather normal and nothing explodes.]]kreative ways she employs her powers.  She also seems to have an inordinant amount of power for a gardevoir, this kombined with the harsh training she was subject to as a kirlia have left her able to hit harder than most alakazam even.  Her downfall lies with her hair-trigger temper and her 
tendancy to "go for the overkill", kausing her to use much more force than neccisary for a situation when angred past mild annoyance.
On an somewhat related note, NG is a full-blown pot head and has somewhat of a gun fetish.  She has also dated multiple legendary pokemon, although most of that was simply to make Mewtwo jealous.
==Early Life==
NG was born in a steel krate at an unknown time aboard what she later rationalized to be some sort of kargo ship. Her mother was stock in an underground breeding ring, and while NG did not know her mother for more than a month or so, some of her fondest memories are, rather ironically, of when the two were locked together in the krate. From NG's account, her mother "always smiled, and always was able to distract [her] from the ugly reality [they] were in." As soon as her mother's "owners" arbitrarily decided she was old enough, she was taken from her parent and put up for sale by the breeding ring, most likely destined for a pillow palace or to pleasure some pervert with more money than morals.
==Trained Life ==
As it happened, nothing so basal was her fate, although if asked, she honestly kould not say she would prefer what did happen.  Only a few months old, NG was purchased by a trainer in his late teens; how he kame about the money to buy a highly sought pokemon such as a ralts, let alone how he knew which khannels to go through to purchase her where he did remain a mystery. All that is known, is that he didn not desire NG to "love him" as her mother had warned her would most likely be the kase; he was dead serious as a trainer, and had only acquired a ralts for the powerful psychic type it would evolve into.  As such, NG was well treated under his kare kompared to what she had been subject to previously; she enjoyed all the freedoms that trained pokemon are familiar with.  
Even so, life with her trainer quickly became a living Hell after she evolved.  Members of the ralts line are natural empaths, and as such they have an inate need for acceptance and love as much as other beings need food or water, and such needs only increase as the kreature matures.  As a kirlia, NG wasn't sated with what attention she recieved from her trainer; he was entirely focused on battles when with his pokemon, they were tools to him, only meant to be honed so that they kould preform on the battlefield.  As such, the mediocre attention for victories and stony harshness for failure were all the attention she felt from her trainer.  She pushed herself as hard as she kould, but even at her peak he would no more pay any notice to her other than that of a favored tool. Eventually she began resorting to other ways to win his affection, even stooping to offering herself to him in hope it would do something.
Her efforts had the opposite effect, however.  Her trainer was not interested in bonding with any of his pokemon as friends, and being homosexual he found her advances that way detestable if not down right disgusting.  His annoyance with her grew so great, that even though she was one of the best preforming members of his team, he took her into the woods one day and simply left her there. Alone. Unevolved. And with no way to take kare of herself.
==Life as a Gardevoir==
Despite what others may say, NG's trainer knew how to train pokemon well.  Her mastery of her psionic abilities and ability to think outside of the box are the only things that kaused her to survive until she evolved.  After becomeing a gardevoir, there was no pokemon wild pokemon that posed much of a threat to her, and after a few vicereal examples to the local mightyena as to what would happen if they tried to attack her, she was largely left unassailed.  This left her with plenty of free time to jury-rig a sort of hovel to live in.  How she figured out how to build and fashion things at all is subject to interpretation, but most likely she just experimented through trial and error until she achieved the desired results.  She stayed at the hovel for a few years, including part of the time after she met the other pokemon in the group.  At some point in that time she started an herb garden, of which the principle krop was marijuana.  Weed has long been used by psychic pokemon and humans to help with meditation and relaxing, and it is not unreasonable that she was introduced to the koncept by another psychic during her time with her faglord trainer. It is likely that NG smokes as much as she does to escape from her past. Regardless, the brain damaged kaused by the marijuana has only kaused her mental condition to worsen.
==History with the Group==
===Hoenn Region===
NG first kame into kontact with the group during her first venture onto 4chan. (where she acquired the equipment to do so is unknown, but in all likelyhood she probably just stole it) She first signed on as "Naive Gardevoir", and ironic name koncidering she's hardly naive at all, but the name has stuck regardless.
Her first encounter with a member of the group was with [[Mewtwo]] . She noticed that he sought training of all kinds in order to grow stronger.  Being a natural empath, NG knew how potent emotions kould be in many areas, especially a psychic, so she volunteered to be Mewtwo 's "emotional trainer." What this entailed exactly is unknown, apart that kopious amounts of marajuana were smoked to "facilitate" the training.
As one kould expect, two psychics high off weed and discussing emotions and other similar subjects led to a relationship between the two. It isn't known exactly when, but this relationship is largely responcible for drawing NG out to meet the other pokemon in person.  It is also what kaused her to nearly destroy everything in a blackhole after the third or so day together because she thought Mewtwo was kheating on her.
Apart from Mewtwo, the only other pokemon she formed a sort of friendship with was Zoroark.  She admired OD and Xatu greatly for their excentric personalitys and Xatu's pot-smoking prowess, but otherwise she was rather shy and didn't do much to befriend anyone else.
Other noteworthy events during this time period include NG's molestation by [[Frosslass]], devolving into a kirlia and undergoing lazer-hymen-restorage at the hands of [[Deoxys]] , and accidently nearly driving [[Samurott]] to suicide.  Otherwise, NG played a farily small roll outside of being held with suspition or ignored by the others..
===Mew's House===
[[File:Fuckthisgayearth.jpg|thumb|Despite what this article would lead you to believe, there were happy times for the couple, but they were as short-lived as they were boring so they won't be mentioned here.]]At some point in time, Mewtwo took NG, (yes, he stayed with her even after she went full bat-shit) to live with him at his mother's house.  Why he thought this was a good idea, no one knows.  While present for both OD flooding the house and nearly killing [[General Typhlosion]], and Mew's obsession with baking kockies, NG largely was just part of the kollateral damage and klean-up. Otherwise she just hung around and tried to work out her frustrations with Mewtwo about how he went and killed Arceus on his own when he'd promised that she kould help, as well as just strains in their relationship in general.
Said relationship took a very konvoluted turn when Mewtwo did something ''yet again'' to upste her. This time instead of beating someone or something up, NG took a rather unusual course of action and fled off into the night; straight into the klaws of a hydreigon that had been sent to hunt down Mewtwo. NG survived the ordeal, but lost her left eye in the process. She's never komplained about her eyepatch, rather it seems she likes it for some odd reason.
Despite being told not to do so by Mewtwo, she followed after him and the group he'd assembled to assault the Team Rocket Headquarters before she was fully recovered.  Unable to fully employ her psyonic abilities, largely due to a koncussion, she instead did battle with the MG-42 she'd recently acquired by unknown means, using what psychic power she could muster to karry and aim the large machine gun. She escaped the assault without any further injury and minus several thousand dollars worth of ammunition.  How great of a role she played is debatable, but she maintains that had she not stepped in to kill an enemy alakazam when she had things would have ended much more unfavorably.
During her stay at Mew's house, NG also formed a friendship with General Typhlosion. Eventually it kame out that he had feelings for her beyond what she was komfortable with, and the frequent klashes he had with Mewtwo over how he treated her, along with the unceasing attacks against Mewtwo eventually led to him attempting to leave as "everyone would be better off without him".  Of kourse, being the master of sneaking off that Mewtwo was, NG kaught him and after much heated arguing konvinced him that she was going with him whether he liked it or not. The two traveled to Almia and wandered the island together for a time.
===Post Groudon Arc===
Eventually NG appeared at General's house alone, saying that she and Mewtwo were "taking a break" from their relationship. Little of note happened here until Mewtwo himself appeared.  Apparently he'd never agreed to this "break" and NG had just left after stating her intentions. Needless to say, he was mildly upset at her for this, so when Rayquaza showed up and revealed that NG had been dating him the entire time, <strike>hilarity</strike> khaos (kontrol) ensued. NG had only been with Rayquaza inorder to make Mewtwo jealous, but her plan seemed to work too well as an all-out battle between the legendaries for each-other's heads broke out. Mewtwo eventually resorted to using amnesia in order to keep Rayquaza from getting the upper hand, resulting in him losing all memories of him and NG, as well as everything that had khanged him from being the blood-thirsty monster Team Rocket had made him to be initially. This terrified NG, both because of what this kould mean for the world and because she knew that once again it was all her fault.  She was able to persuade Mewtwo into sharing her memories of the two of them in hopes of returning him to his more peaceful state, and succeeded.  Mewtwo revealed, however, that he had whipped his memory because he was unsure how he felt about NG after all of her antics and that somehow this outcome would provide that answer as well as sate his fears of how she felt about him.  He went on to say that  he was now konvinced that she really did kare and that he felt the same.
This did not have the effects on NG that Mewtwo had hoped, however. She kould not komprehend how they kould have been so klose when he wasn't even sure if he liked her.  She felt betrayed, lied to; she thought Mewtwo would trust her actions no matter how stupid they actually were, but mostly she thought he felt the same way about her.  The ensuing shouting match did little to save the krumbling relationship, and NG ultimately decided that after this she was unable to put her trust in Mewtwo any more. The two have been single ever since.
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Hurr, this is such an out of date mess, just harass me if you're actually curious for some reason.

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