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Here is a comprehensive list of all characters involved in the main role-play, past and present. You can find links to their individual pages below.

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Sylvi's Sexy characters that everyone loves

Ninesy(Muh waifu)'s Characters[]

  • Ninetales
  • Umby
  • Soren Plusle
  • Lora Lopunny
  • Azurith Serperior
  • Verilia Mienshao
  • Askle Scizor
  • Serif Scyther
  • Ittinai Lopunny
  • Medea Scizor

Fennykins(Fennelcake, Fenny bby, Fenny darling)'s Characters[]

  • Fennekin
  • Zoe Zorua
  • Summit Skiddo
  • Pascal Pachirisu
  • Scarlett Vespiquen

NG'S 5 billion Characters[]

  • NG
  • Jack the Gallade
  • Tapporauta the Aggron
  • Katja Messerschmitt the Lucario
  • Lord Bananington the Slaking
  • Lady Hannah Bananington the Gardevoir
  • Billy Bob the Alakazam
  • Zena the Purrloin/Liepard
  • Demomon the Charmeleon
  • Dr. Ivo Blissey
  • Captain Evilstopper
  • Sarabi Espeon ;-;
  • Ulfric Messerschmitt
  • Sara the Waitress
  • Mr. Serperior
  • Fyrenze the Ninetales
  • Zephyr Ariados
  • Vyseryes the Salamence
  • Mecha Aggron
  • Madeline the Delphox
  • Thor
  • Mundy the Krokorok
  • Ferris the Houndoom
  • Tali the Zoroark

Skunbutt's Characters[]

  • Saffron
  • Blaidd Drwg
  • Genesect
  • Sawyer the Chesnaught
  • Terry Emboar
  • Zhang Heng the Rhyperior
  • Hopkins the Sableye
  • Kriemhild the Masquerain
  • Casimir and Venka
  • Minamimoto the Garbodor
  • Gintaras the Aerodactyl
  • Vespertilio the Noibat
  • Kenina
  • Herminia
  • Hesperos the Abra
  • Koray the Delphox
  • Servaas the Tyranitar
  • Cronus and Gideon
  • Thomas the Sceptile
  • Thomson the Minun
  • Emidio the Golem
  • Liv Tyler the Lopunny
  • Kirsi the Froslass
  • Xander the Charmeleon
  • Deirdre the Hydreigon
  • Hildebrand
  • Monty the Excadrill

Nido's Characters[]

Samantha's (Samurott's) Characters[]

  • Amphy
  • Samurott
  • Leo the Smeargle
  • Lethe the Gengar
  • Iggy the Charizard
  • Wheelie the Ursaring
  • Tux the Sylveon
  • Snap the Pikachu
  • Ray the Chesnaught
  • Nixie the Glaceon

Jace's Charcters[]

  • Jace
  • Growlithe
  • Hitmonlee
  • Persian
  • Captain Beartic
  • Grumpig waiter/chef
  • Ayrel Ledian
  • Lucias
  • Aquias Vaporeon
  • Seth

Shinx's Characters[]

  • Shinx
  • Raichu
  • Lumi Lumineon
  • Clara Cinccinno
  • Ditto
  • Durant
  • Brendis the Flareon
  • Mienshao
  • T-452

Shilk's multi-persona circlejerk Characters[]

Роли Серыя[]

  • Grey Absol
  • Ifrit Houndoom
  • Yurik Mightyena
  • Mort Duskull
  • Nebris Murkrow

Very Model of a Modern Major-General's Characters[]

  • General Typhlosion
  • Master Farfetch'd
  • Takeshi the Garchomp
  • Mama Mismagius

GCAT the Second's Characters[]

  • Mewtwo
  • Sawk
  • William the Infernape
  • Sableye
  • Little John the Ursaring
  • Naota the Dewott/Samurott
  • Alakazam

Swampy's Characters[]

  • Swampert
  • Frosslass
  • Mesprit

Zenji's Characters[]

  • Zenji the Medicham
  • Alita the Galvantula
  • Theo the Gallade

Jamen's Characters[]

  • Jamen the Mienshao
  • Isaac the Mienfoo
  • Crast the Smeargle
  • Alizah and Elijah the Ninetales
  • Norm the Mew
  • Four the Absol
  • Jamey the Mawile

T-Tar's 2manycharacters2count emporium.[]

  • Freiheit Tria
  • Setzer Drache
  • Fear Rattata(A.K.A. Strider)
  • Julienne Rattata
  • Holzer Drache
  • Swaine Emboar
  • Monsuta Hanta
  • Simon the Drillbur
  • Officer Aggron
  • Tyrie Typhlosion
  • Mary Jane
  • Trips Tria
  • Rook the Bisharp
  • Darkness the Alakazam
  • Alabaster Abra
  • Gallanus
  • Sepia Infernape
  • Kangamom and Babyskhan
  • Sarin the Swampert
  • Jocasta the Medic Charizard
  • Belle Dragonite
  • Cynthia the Feral Sandslash
  • Potpan the Potpan Seller
  • Darbles T. Daniels the Zoroark
  • Faye J. Daniels the Lucario
  • Arethusa the Gengar
  • Olympia tthe Flygon

Swanna's Characters

  • Siegfried the Swanna
  • Marvin the Beheeyem
  • Unnamed Murkrow

Charon's Cast Of Freaks And Sluts

  • Charon: King of Hell's Poolside Census, Jellicent Male
  • Blythe: Emotionally Incestual Lucario Scientist That Everyone Seems To Jizz Over, Lucario Female
  • Jalus: Stoic And Tiny Nukechef Cat, Meowstic Male
  • Jalette: Emotionally Abusive Dominatrix, Meowstic Female
  • Jalen: God-Loving Demonic Grenade, Espurr Male
  • Jalmari: World-Weary Dadcat Who's Fucked Over Many A Politic, Meowstic Male
  • Jalila: Emotional Rollercoaster Of A Momcat Who Has Destroyed Many A Face, Meowstic Female
  • Jaleh: Baby Makes Six Kitties All In A Voltron Combining Row, Espurr Female
  • Kisha: Unfettered And Silly Assassinator, Greninja Female
  • Sylvain: Bloody Fae Warlord With Over 100 Confirmed Kills You Little Bitch, Sylveon Female
  • Roxana: Curiously Magical, Accidentally Evil, All Manner Of Heat Using Lady, Fennekin Line Female
  • Alban: Calming And Playful Little Dark Lord of Theatre, Zorua Male
  • Tatyana: Secretly Girly And Gushy Zoroark Mommy With A Mean Foot Fetish, Zoroark Female
  • Shanice: God Of Ice, Thievery, Foot Fetish, And Thug Life, Weavile Female
  • Sissye/Sizzle: A Typhlosion Who Loves To Peruse Casual Technology, Typhlosion Female
  • Mama Misae: Mother Of The Above, Southern Fried And Loves To Eat and Fight: Typhlosion Female
  • Colson: Confused On How To Act Shut-In Big Brother Figure, Victini Male
  • Reshiram/Reshy: Slightly Snobby, Immensely Cuddly, Coffee-Loving Truthcockdragon, Gender By Choice
  • Akashi: History-Loving, Mischievous Dimension Warper, Hoopa Male/Female
  • Dr. Marcus Kane/ULTRA: White Death Of Brain Control And Mental Exploration, Gengar Male
  • Jaegard: Sylvain's Power-Hungry Dad Of The Dead, Leafeon Male
  • Haylee: Southern-Fried Battle Loving Carpenter, Chespin Female
  • Matilde: Feral Garchomp That Survives A Lot Longer Than Usual And Dumbly Cute, Garchomp Female

Mursas Female Emporium

  • Mursa: Cute little doofus. Manages to get himself into trouble. Son of Venatici. One of the only males controlled by Mursa. Sweet, hates seeing people mad. Absol Male
  • Venatici: Mother to the Former. Cool and distant. Enjoys a good fight if offered.
  • Jynxie: Little tease. Liepard female.
  • Naklin: Sneasel Female. Was a thief, now fading into obscurity. Soft spot for kids got ruined.