戦闘!レジコック・レジアヌス・レジスチンコ 【ガチモンRS】

戦闘!レジコック・レジアヌス・レジスチンコ 【ガチモンRS】

The only relevant vid I feel safe linking here.


L-lewd? (seriously, is it???)

(Blame Zenji for this; it was his idea)

If you came here you have a dirty ass mind; shame on you.

What is L-lewd?Edit

Anything that is even remotely sexual. We're a bunch of perverts over there, so anything that involves a phallic object, any form of rubbing an object, inserting an object into another characters object, or replacing the word "object" in any of above phrase with a character or any part of their body can and WILL be called l-lewd. (especially is Sammy, Skuntank, M2, Sylvi-chan, Shinx, or about half of the rest of us are on; I'll just repeat it like a mindless dolt.)

Isn't L-lewd Frowned Upon?Edit

9 times out of 10, especially when Shinx is online, l-lewd is just thrown around as a joke. The more actually sexual something is, the more likely you will be asked to turn it down a notch. Lewdness OOC is more accepted for whatever reason, although if the chat starts getting flooded with fetish-talk, or the topic is pretty extreme, you may be asked to stop.

So far no one (I know of) has ever gotten kicked or worse for lewdness, but don't be a dick and be the first one ok? (I called dibs anyway)

What do I do if I want to L-lewdEdit

Often times, if you are to do lewd RPing it is asked that you take it to PM, as others may be bothered by such vulgarity. Keep it tame in main chat, please. Lewding in PM is alright, however if the other partner does not want to lewd, measures will be taken if you continue to pester the person about it and make them uncomfortable.

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