The only known visual representation of Katja. (thank God)

Katja Messerschmitt is some kraut Lucario with a bad temper, trust issue, and a sword the size of a fucking aggron. (As in just a regular aggron, not one that's actually- oh nevermind)


>Be in clan

>Clan is warrior-centric

>Want be strong warrior

>Be woman


>Build own weapon

>Forced to flee for MUH TRADITIONS

>Live forever regret because parents are shame

>Be in woods

>El Banditos

>Can't use sword yet


>Scarred 4 lyfe (metally and physically)

RP shitEdit

>See annoying monkey

>Go on quest because pleasing Odin means can see family in afterworld

>Monkey is annoying little fuck

>Meet dog

>Dog + you = <3

>Fight people and shit with big ass-sword

>Big fire breathing-badger has crush on you

>Passive as fuck so no

>Have moral disagreement with monkey

>Mortaly wound him and jump ship

>Come back later to stop his evil plan

>He survived and returns the favor

>Survive cuz plot armor

>Many moons pass

>Be in wrecked city

>Checkin shit out, wonderign what's up with flying cat-things

></3 because dog dumped you

>Cat-thing attacks!


>Brougth to leader, he takes ur sword YOU MADE N SHIT WHAT A DICK

>Saved by guitar playing midget

>Wake up to find midget AND THAT FUCKIGN MONKEY

>Lay egg (not even fuckign joking)

>WTF?! But I wasn't- (again, not even fuckign joking)

>Forced into shameful retirment

>Dream of meeting parents in Sovengarn kille dby stolen weapon and single-mom status

>Escape city with egg

>Everyone wants muh egg!

>Bright light and ????

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