Drache City, also known as the City of Dragons, is a giant walled city, and one of the two cities involved in the Mythic Wars.

Basic History Edit

Drache City was founded by the Drache Family some time ago, after nearby human ruins drew travelers far and wide.

The Wall Edit

The Drache City wall is made of three parts.

  • A Refined Darkness Shell
  • A Concrete inner wall
  • A Steel core

The Darkness shell is created from refined Darkness gems, created to prevent the Teleportation of Alakazam and Gardevoir into the city, two of the cities biggest threats during the Mythic War.

Guild Edit

The Drache City guild is part of the larger guild organization, and the main purpose of the guild is as police force, exploration, investigation of mystery dungeons, and protection of the city from feral Pokemon

The justice section of the guild has three separate parts.

  • The Wallguards. Guards who stand on the wall, protecting the city from ferals and preventing criminals from escaping.
  • The Ground Patrol, who wander the city's streets, keeping order within.
  • The Sky Brigade, who keep an eye on the skies similar to how the Wallguards keep an eye on the outside. Also have duties similar to the Ground Patrol. Many are medics, due to their ease of travel.
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