Contested Territory

Far to the east of Treasure Town lies a certain tract of land; for centuries, it has been the setting for the war between two tribes of Zangoose and Seviper. Each tribe has laid claim to part of it, with a strip of land between them serving as the battleground.

Ĉielogxejo Edit

The northern section of the land, dotted with tufts of grass in front of a larger cliffside, has been claimed by the Zangoose. It is named Ĉielogxejo - the homestead of an early martyr, Ĉiela. Sentry towers form a line separating their enemies from their village, a collection of modest homes.

No Man's Land Edit

Between the two villages lies a small canyon that is not controlled by either group; it is the site of frequent battles between scouts from both parties. A number of paths leading down the cliffside can be found from either direction.

Bogdanora Edit

In the southern section, the Seviper colony has turned a mountainous region into a sprawling network of tunnels and rooms; today, even non-serpentine Pokémon can walk through the halls with little difficulty. There are several open-air rooms at the surface, which are used for important meetings and ceremonies. The burrow takes its name from Bogdan, an early member of the tribe.

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