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Archeops (unofficially adopting the name Soap) is a rather cool-headed, justice-bringing and ass-kicking Archeops created by Nidoqueen.



Archeops was not seen prior to the world implosion. Ironic, as the battle for the world took place in his homeland.


He is a recent addition to Treasure Town who, interestingly, works multiple jobs. The first is a trader that offers valuable exploration items in exchange for rather odd items such as food or Flying Gems. The second is a waiter at a fancy restaurant. He also has many more. 


Archeops is very calm and focused in even the most dire situations. Even when staring death in the face he retains his composure all the while. He also seems to think of himself as a vigilante and does everything in his power to help Pokemon in need. This combined with his strong will and sweet Scottish accent make him a valuable ally whenever he is given the opportunity. Whenever he is off his many jobs, he likes to kick back and make bird calls, much to the dismay of other Pokemon within the vicinity.


Archeops was a well-respected mon of the community, and was very humble when he could. However, he did not go without enemies, as evidenced by a certain Life Orb, who forced a certain Gliscor to knock him unconscious and chop his head off. Obviously, he did not survive, and his remains were absorbed by the Life Orb.


  • Archeops is the first (and so far only) Fossil Pokemon to be in the RP.
  • Archeops has a few strands of hair coming from his chin, indicating a beard
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