Ĉielogxejo is a small community of Zangeese, north of the river Cel and Bogdanora. Its feud with the southern community has gone on for centuries, dominating its culture and attitudes.

History Edit

According to the tribe's records, they have existed for around four centuries; their attempts to colonize the land were frequently hampered by Sevipers, but they were dealt strong counterattacks under the leadership of Ĉiela, a shiny Zangoose. Although she perished in the last of these strikes, they named their settlement after her - Ĉiela's homestead - and hold the belief that any Zangoose born with cobalt markings is her reincarnation, born again to offer her guidance.

Culture Edit


Ĉielogxejic culture is wholeheartedly militaristic, with the inhabitants being readied for warfare from childhood. One's worth is based entirely on their ability to defend their home; with the exception of veterans who have survived long enough to retire, those who take up non-military roles because of disability or ill-suitedness are held in low esteem. Being forced out of battle because of injury is almost unheard of - anyone injured to that extent is expected to die in combat, and the failure to do so would bring the stigma of cowardice upon them.

Maintaining respect depends on proving their continued ability to keep the tribe going; providing through agriculture or military wisdom are valid ways of doing so, but every member of the community is expected to be able to fight if ultimately needed.

Geography Edit

The village is centered around a fertile petrero, overlooking the southern valley and around level with the entrances to Bogdanora. The terrain offers little agricultural variety, but it is sufficient to give them food and material for building houses. Between the natural border of the mountain to the north, and the Sevipers keeping them from claiming the land around Cel, their expansion has been limited to the east and west.

Being fit for the climate and well-suited for curing poison, Pecha berry plants are ubiquitous in the tribe, to the point that even non-farmers typically have one growing outside their doors.

Leadership Edit

The head of Ĉielogxejo was typically chosen by their predecessor, based on their physical strength and strategic ability. Challenges for the right to lead are not unheard of, but with the constant threat from the Sevipers, it is rare for any leader to reach a point of being considered unfit; if a challenger does end up victorious, the previous head is almost always kept on as an important adviser.

Exceptions are made when a Zangoose believed to be Ĉiela is born; they are immediately groomed for leadership, and will become the leader once they are of age. Ĉiela is always followed by their chosen successor.

The current leader is Tondra, who has held the position for over a decade.

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